King’s Cross, here we come!

We are moored up in Alperton at the moment getting ready to bring Fiodra down to King’s Cross over the weekend. The weather, amazingly, looks fine for the trip. We hope it stays fine for our “residency”.

We have some great new events in our programme. I have always wanted to host storytelling on the boat and now we have two impressive storytellers with shows for adults.

Alys Torrance will be presenting her show “The Rising Cost of Cabbage”. A reworking of the ancient  Rapunzal story.  Come and let your hair down listening to an old tale with a sharp edge (and musical bottles).

Sarah Liisa Wilkinson is an English/Finnish story teller with a Finnish story to tell “The Girl, the Snake Witch, and the Grinning Castle”

We have Cinema too. You can vote for a film on one night or come along to the popular Wes Anderson movie: The Life Aquatic.

SPECIAL for Kings Cross will be daily screenings of two films about the Regent’s Canal, made almost 100 years apart. Barging Through London (1924) and The Cut, a film poem made in the spring of this year. Along with a short talk on the history of the Regent’s Canal we hope this will prove popular with visitors to the Kings’s Cross area.

Hope you can come and say hello

Bob and Moira









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