Mindfulness in the workplace

Most organisations are aware of the importance of their human capital and care about the well-being and development of their employees. Sparked by research reporting positive effects of mindfulness, organisations are turning to mindfulness programmes to address issues around employee health within increasingly demanding workplaces.

Now part of the mainstream, mindfulness is being offered to their staff by many different organisations including UK Government departments, the Police Service, Transport for London, Google and UK Universities.

Mark Williams, professor of clinical psychology at the University of Oxford, says working in a culture where stress is a badge of honour is counterproductive.

"We can spend so much time rushing from one task to another. We may think we're working more efficiently, but as far as the brain is concerned, we are working against the grain. No wonder we get exhausted."

The benefits are becoming clearer and the evidence is building for supporting mindfulness education and practice in the workplace:

  • Mindfulness can enhance overall well-being
  • Mindfulness can build self-confidence in leaders
  • Mindfulness can enhance emotional intelligence
  • Mindfulness can improve focus and productivity
  • Mindfulness can enhance creativity


Mindful in City – working with organisations

Where do we start? Is the most common question we are asked, and this is where we can help.
We offer advice based on the nature of your organisation and its culture. Every work place is different and is motivated differently.

In most cases we start with talks and “taster” sessions aimed at improving knowledge and building trust. This is usually followed by evaluation and consultation leading to a plan for integration into the organisation’s well-being strategy.

Our Mindfulness Afloat project is one, novel, way we offer opportunities to organisations. We also work with organisations in and around London by in their own offices and workplaces.

The Mindfulness Afloat project is led by Bob Chase. Bob has 25+ years experience of meditation and has taught Mindfulness since 2007. He trained to teach with the Bangor University Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice.

Bob has worked as a senior manager in the public and charity sectors and has co-owned two technology businesses employing over 50 staff. He studied management practices and organisational structure with the Open University.

Past clients include

  • DEFRA (UK Gov)
  • Cancer Research UK
  • Barts Charity
  • Social Search
  • MorrisRoe Ltd
  • AS Mentoring Ltd
  • The National Autistic Society
  • Radlett Lodge Special School

For more information on Mindful in the City please visit our website