Artists of the Cut

December 7-12

A celebration of art being made on or about the British Waterways. Featuring paintings, prints and photography. Seven of the artists in the show are members of the Guild of Waterway Artists.

"We believe that to represent aspects of the waterways faithfully in art it is necessary to know and understand what we are depicting. We like our members to be interested and knowledgeable about the skills and history of the waterways" Guild Website

Why Artists of the Cut? Boaters often refer to the canal as a 'cut'. This is because the navvies (workmen) had to cut the canal instead of it being a natural waterway like a river.

Location & opening

Gallery Fiodra, Blomfield Rd, Little Venice, London W9 2PF

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday (Closed Monday) 11:00 - 18:00

The Artists

Exhibition Catalogue & Leaflet

Artist biographies and list of art works Artists of the Cut – Artists of the Cut Catalogue 2.0

Artists of the Cut Leaflet A5


Meet artist Chris Slaney on Sunday 11th November. Chris is happy to talk about his work, printmaking and the Guild of Waterway Artists

The Curators

'Skipper' Bob and Anna Chase-Roberts


  • Penny at The Guild of Waterway Artists for her enthusiasm, support and advice.
  • Tom Jackson at The Canal and River Trust for help with the mooring.
  • Moira Jenkins for social media support.
  • Honoring Alex Prowse, who ran the first Art Gallery on this mooring for many years

Peter Tuffrey

Penny Taylor-Beardow

Charlotte Ashman