Barge Fiodra – Saturday March 30th – Tottenham Hale Locks (off Mill Mead Road)

Marissa Stoffer, Voices from the LEA: Cosmology, deep time soundscapes and place (2024)


Walk up visits available – first come first view !

The artist invites you to float. 

Join us for an intimate experience of Marissa Stoffers work Voices from the LEA: Cosmology, deep time soundscapes and place on the River Lea. You will be suspended in time on board barge FIODRA with ethereal soundscapes and the enveloping urban intensity filtered to activate your subconscious primal connection to nature. The sculptural work and immersive experience are remnants from the artist’s encounter with a rare Black Poplar Tree and observations of the River Lea.  

The work was inspired by a micro residency in 2023 on the River Lea for the Canal & River Trust as part of the Trust’s Hinterlands Enfield project. During the residency the artist hiked along the River Lea/Lee Navigation for two days, starting from where the upper river surfaces next to Waulud’s Bank (an earthwork possibly neolithic and dating back to 3000 BC) in Luton. During this walk, the artist experienced the transforming ecologies that the river runs through, collecting sounds and observing the plant and animal species living along its banks. 

Marissa Stoffers practice fosters an intimate connection with the non-human world, embodying a way of life and artistic expression. The artist who is interested in ecology and plant lore stayed on board Barge FIODRA during her residency to explore the practice of foraging for colour, where the artist creates dyes and pigments from plants and minerals collected during walks. This ancient, slow craft process-  innate and learned through time spent in the Amazon RainForest enables the artist to study plant species, particularly trees with a deep understanding of how their stories intertwine with our cosmologies, evolution, and connection to place.

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