Fiodra's food businesses

Step aboard Barge Fiodra’s back-deck café to enjoy freshly baked cake with a cuppa, some refreshing Moroccan mint tea or a selection of home-made cordials.

Or buy a pot of home-made jam from our serving hatch.

Barge Fiodra is a registered food business, with a 5-star food hygiene rating from Dacorum Borough Council. Whilst most of our food products are made on board, some are produced in Tottenham by Fiodra Fine Foods, a home-based food business, also 5-star rated by Haringey Council.

A jam worth getting into...

We source much of the wild fruit for our home-made jams from the hedgerows as we travel along the canals. Here's a small selection of the jams and fruit 'cheeses' we currently have available:

  • Apple & ginger jam
  • Blackberry jelly
  • Fig & Earl Grey tea jam
  • Grape & rosemary jelly
  • Medlar jelly
  • Quince jelly / quince 'cheese' (membrillo)
  • Sloe & apple jelly / 'cheese'
Selling jam from the hatch
Our 5-star food hygiene rating from Dacorum Borough Council
Enjoying a cuppa in our Back Deck Café