Enfield Arts

Hinterland Project

We had a great time last week supporting the Canal and River Trust (CRT) Arts project "Hinterlands" in Enfield. Local artist Emma Gahfur worked with local primary school children to create an amazing open air gallery on the banks of the river Lea near Rommey Marsh nature reserve.

Around 90 children participated creating drawings and environmental sculptures in response to the river and landscape. We were able to provide a floating studio and refreshments for the hard working team.

The children loved coming on the boat. For many it was the first time they had seen inside a canal boat or had met people who live and work on the rivers and canals. Fiodra is featured in many of their artworks.

Hinterlands is part of a wider project aiming to "unlock the waterways’ potential as a ‘canvas’ for local activities and encourage arts partners to see them as an important place for new commissions, outreach and audience development"

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